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Look no further! We are the best ceramic coating installers in San Diego. Regularly washing and even waxing your vehicle can only go so far, and environmental contaminants begin clinging to exterior surfaces immediately after a fresh detailing. Wash, wax, and repeat used to be the best way for meticulous car lovers to protect their vehicle. Now you can do yourself and your vehicle a favor by installing ceramic coating, eliminating the need to continuously apply waxes and sealants. But there are benefits beyond the reduced maintenance too! Ceramic coating is self-cleaning, enhances gloss, and protects from chemicals, UV rays, oxidization, and surface contaminants. Ultimately, this equates to saving money on upkeep and adding to your vehicle’s worth.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating (or nanoceramic coating) is essentially a glass coating for the surface of a vehicle. The clear liquid coating is applied in layers that bond to the surface applied to and harden when cured. The result is a glass wrapping that acts both durable and flexible at the same time. Traditional clear coat has a hardness rating between 2H to 4H, but the superior ceramic coating hardens to a rating of 9H or better. As of now, that’s as hard as paint coating gets. The mirror effect of the glass shines with intense gloss that’s sure to impress. The material’s durability vastly increases your vehicle’s resistance to oxidization, stains, scratches, corrosion, and other environmental contaminants. Additionally, ceramic coating is hydrophoic which means water will bead up and easily roll off the surface, taking dirt and debris with it. This self-cleaning effect is just another added bonus to add to the list. Too good to be true? Maybe in the past, but welcome to the future!


Protect Your Investment!

The value of a vehicle decreases as it deteriorates over time. That is, unless you can ensure protection from UV rays, chemicals, scratches, stains, oxidization, and corrosion. Love your vehicle? Protect the things you love.

Save Yourself Time

How long does it take to thoroughly wash and wax a vehicle? As they say, time is money! Save yourself the time and the headache. Get ceramic coating and never wax your car again.

Wow, nice car!

A clean vehicle fit for a showroom is an impressive sight. Self-cleaning properties make it easy to preserve the intense gloss and shine that come with ceramic coating. Show off the depth and clarity of your paint.

Ready to Wrap?

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