Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl Wrap

What is a vinyl wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a process whereby pressure-sensitive vinyl – in almost any color or finish – is applied by hand onto a vehicle’s painted surface. It is a self adhesive film that is made with air channels backing to allow airflow and prevent a 100% adhesion to a painted surface. It’s like a big, high quality sticker that can change the color and finish of a vehicle. Wrapping is the newest and most innovative thing to hit the customizing world in years. Wraps can also be installed on boats, wave-runners, trailers, walls, floors, furniture, laptops or just about any surface.

What is paint protection film?

PPF is best know to protect painted surfaces prone to high impact debris such as; road rocks, gravel, salt, bug stains.

How much does a wrap cost?

As with almost all custom work, it is hard to say exactly how much your project will cost. It will depend on the size & shape of your vehicle, the vinyl material you choose, the complexity of the job, and more. Get your FREE ESTIMATE and let’s start something today!

Is a wrap permanent?

A wrap typically last for 5-10 years depending on the material used and conditions in which the car is driven and stored. The vinyl film can be removed completely without leaving any adhesive residue, returning the car to its original color and condition. A much easier and cheaper alternative to painting! Most manufacturers have 3 year in horizontal and 5 years warranties.

What colors can I choose from?

Vinyl can come in almost any conceivable color. There are a variety of different finishes or textures (matte, brushed steel, gloss, carbon fiber, chrome, etc).

How long does it take to vinyl wrap my car?

Installations vary according to the complexity of the project. A basic wrap job takes about 1-2 days. Due to the nature of the adhesive vinyl and the curves to which it’s applied, we include an extra 24 hours after the application to allow for the film to fully adhere to the vehicle, and for us to see how it will react in the sunlight.

What about if I am happy with OEM paint but I want to get rid of the gloss finish?

Your best option is wrapping it with a matte paint protection.

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