Special Promotion

Click on the button below and bring in your voucher to our warehouse and you’ll receive $500 off your single-color matte finish vinyl wrap! This promotion applies to any and every size of vehicle vinyl wrap. All gloss, carbon fiber and graphics wraps are excluded from this promotion. However, if you wish to purchase any upgrades, they can be added to your total at their full price (after the promotional $500 deduction to the single-color matte finish vinyl wrap).

Make An Impression

Everybody can agree, first impressions matter. If you want to make your first impression a lasting one, every part of your appearance should be taken into consideration: your attire, your accessories and especially your transportation! We truly understand the importance of first impressions, so that’s why we are offering you this very special promotional deal that will help bring a lasting and memorable improvement to your car or truck’s appearance! With Sun Diego Wraps at your service, nothing can stop you from making that first impression count!

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